UK Gangs Use ‘Antique’ Guns as Police Crack Down on Suppliers

Oct 14
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UK Gangs Use ‘Antique’ Guns as Police Crack Down on Suppliers
Crime gangs are resorting to old-style handguns used in historic conflicts such as the Second World War after the success of police raids on gun suppliers, a Scotland Yard detective said today. Gangsters are exploiting a “grey area” which means antique or old weapons owned by legitimate firearms dealers are being passed on to street gangs. Detective Inspector Paul Dorey, of the Yard’s Trident Gang Crime Command, said police had seen an increase in seizures of older… [Evening Standard (London), via]

Billions in Legal Gun Imports to Saudi Arabia in 2012, Smuggling Rising
RIYADH – The value of weapons, ammunition and their accessories imported into Saudi Arabia for personal use exceeded SR3.4 billion in 2012, according to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA). The Customs Department has thwarted attempts to smuggle more than 10,000 pieces of arms and ammunition into the Kingdom. Border guards also managed to thwart attempts to smuggle more than 132,000 pieces of weaponry and ammunition during the first six months of the current… [Arab News (Jeddah), via]

Opinion: Rising Gun Ownership Rates in Tanzania a Real Issue
Never in the history of this country has there been a need to learn to say SORRY even when you are wrong, than these times where buying and owning a gun is as easy as buying a mobile phone, it brings cold chills sprinting down my spine. It is very common today to see very young people seated in a public place with two, three smart phones on the table and Glock on the side. Today owning a gun is as fashionable among Tanzanian youths as knowing Diamond’s latest song,… [Tanzania Daily News, Opinion, via]

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